Monthly Archives: August 2009

Shouldn’t we "own" the REAL TRUTH about Lotus Notes?

Ed Brill’s post this morning – Notes myth v reality discussed in two good blog entries reminded me that I had recently been made aware that some individuals use Wikipedia’s article regarding Lotus Notes as their primary basis for evaluating the product.  Seriously.  These are non technology types – and yeah what are they going to do when they need to find out about technology?  They are going to search on the words “Lotus Notes” and look for the Wikipedia article.  And because it’s on Wikipedia “it must be true.”

Well, take a few minutes and read through it.  In my opinion, having worked with the product since (only 1996), I’d say there are A LOT of inaccuracies.  As Ed pointed out – Wikipedia looks down a bit on vendors updating their own entries.  So come on now…let’s take ownership of what we know to be the truth about the product.  Many of you certainly have the resources to make sure this is truly reflective of what we know to be an awesome product.  Ed also has offered to help confirm the dates/facts and such!  So Yellowverse why don’t we get organized…perhaps we could work together and have it updated before 8.5.1 is released?

Jam, Jam Everybody Jam! LotusKnows wants your ideas!

Rev your engines, mark your calendars, bookmark the URL!  LotusKnows wants you join in the creative process beginning on August 19 at 8AM EST.  Login to a special IdeaJam site and submit your ideas and thoughts for the upcoming LotusKnows marketing campaign.  Note – if you’re already registered at your existing IdeaJam id will work as your login!  The site will be available until Friday August 21 at 8AM EST.

Beware of the Google Booth Babes!

If you’re thinking about making the switch to Google Apps and you are reading about the migration tool that makes “Going Google fast and easy“, pause a moment and shield your eyes from the glitter and glam.  Sure, the video promises an easy migration.  After all this is a migration tool based on a Lotus Notes application that you run on your own Domino server.  What could be better?  FAST and EASY.  Not!

I’ve used several migration tools, and this one does not rank up there with fast and easy.  And in the course of testing it over five days, Google has already released another version (without notifying the users).  The database does include the design elements, but it does seem to be missing some script elements, and requires MS XMLHTTP (so may require proxy access thru your firewall).  And will in fact overwrite the user password on the Google side with some configurations.

So again, proceed slowly if you’re thinking about the move to Google.  It may be the cloud, but it’s not Lotus Notes/Domino.