Monthly Archives: November 2010

It’s a Threesome!

As Gabriella Davis announced on Saturday November 13th, we’re about to begin another book project!  Gabriella, Tom Duff, and I will soon start work on an IBM Lotus/Sametime 8.5/8.5.1/8.5.x Administrator’s Guide for Packt Publishing. 

Our goal is to write a book that will be source for those who may be upgrading Sametime, installing it for the first time, or simply looking for more information about Sametime  8.5.x and how it may fit into their environment.  We also hope that this book may be a learning reference for those Domino administrators who may be dipping their toes in the Websphere Application Server arena for the first time. 

Personally, I’m thrilled about this project.  To be honest, I had started to miss writing (I may regret saying this some weekend in the future when we’ve got a 50 page chapter due!).  I will be working with two people whom I admire and respect.  And finally, I’ll learn even more about software that I use on a daily basis.

Every book starts with an outline submitted to a publisher.  We appreciate those who reviewed it for us including Rob Ingram of the Sametime Product Team.  Look for updates on our status along the way.  We appreciate in advance any suggestions or thoughts you have on how to make this a valuable resource for you!

Did you know November is IBM month? Who knew?

November is IBM month! At least at Packt Publishing! Did you know? Packt Publishing  is celebrating the success of their recent IBM titles including the IBM Lotus Sametime 8 Essentials: A User’s Guide with a sale! Check out their site to see their featured IBM offerings and sales prices! SALE! SALE! SALE!

XPages is nice…but…

Yes, XPages is amazing technology. And if you have the time and the inclination to get started with XPages there are so many resources available to you now to learn or even to have your older Domino apps converted to XPages. Whizbang!

However, I think my requirements are much more basic. I merely want a stable Domino server. I want it to run for days, and weeks, and months, without a crash. Case in point. We installed 8.5.1 FP5HF18 on Saturday on eight server partitions. And last night, three days later, one of the partitions has crashed. What is wrong with this picture? This scenario plays over and over and over. So what crashes the server? IMAP. IMAP locks, IMAP hangs, IMAP folder issues, IMAP compact issues. IMAP clients are constantly updated by their vendors. More and more cell phones connect to our servers with IMAP, even though we are a large Traveler shop. Last week, we even discovered a cell phone that was connecting to a server once every second. Every second!

I would really like to see some resources “spent” on server stability, especially with IMAP. Because at least for now, while we still have Lotus Domino, our primary focus is on email, not applications, and IMAP is here to stay.