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A Macbook Christmas Story

Sometimes you just have to eat your words.  On December 26, I had tweeted “Apple I am so not happy with you right now, your care plan sucketh.”  Why?  Because after installing an OS upgrade, the display on my Macbook … Continue reading


Why do universities like “free, free, free”?

IBM has provided through several initiatives including its IBM Academic Initiative and its recent Cloud Academy announcement.  We as a university have been able to purchase Lotus software at greatly discounted rates through campus-wide pricing.  Under this licensing plan all … Continue reading

You had me at replication, but lost me at crash.

To say the past few weeks have been hellacious is an understatement.  We have experienced a very long streak of instability.  So while all of this is on my mind, I thought I’d comment as a customer.

This week I heard some unbelievable news about some possible causes of our instability and that it may be due to the fact that certain parts of the code have not been updated to 32 bit.  And that we – not some major corporation – were somehow the first ones to find this soft spot.  But that aside, management doesn’t really care about the cause they only care about the effect – we had six crashes in one day on hardware that is so advanced it should be screaming fast.  And I was at a loss to do anything about it.

So attention IBM/Lotus – you once had a product that was at the top of its game.  It included technology that the others couldn’t even match like database replication, server clustering, an amazing security and encryption model for email and databases, etc., etc.  You gave us the tools to build our own apps with the same platform without needing a relational database server, and an identity server – Notes/Domino gave us all of that in one shiny package.  Then you gave us the web, and iNotes.   And then you wowed us with Sametime and Quickplace (Quickr).  And we loved you for it.

But things have changed.  You took away Redbooks and you gave us wikis instead.  And while you gave us DAOS and Xpages, and Eclipse, you stopped listening.  We’ve asked for calendar printing, because we have a business need for that, and of course you know better.  We’ve asked for a stable IMAP task, because we have a business need for that as well.  And while we’re chatting could you perhaps put some Smarter Planet resources towards a smarter Smarter Upgrade?  And what about fixing some basic calendar functionality because you know when the CEO or President has an issue with repeating events he/she could absolutely care less about DAOS or Xpages.  And a research faculty member only wants to communicate with his peers in other universities because he might be working on a cure for cancer.  Isn’t that type of collaboration important? 

Come on IBM/Lotus, we have high expectations of you.  Still give us those bleeding edge technologies, but give us a stable environment, otherwise the rest of us will start walking away, because we have to.  We’ve got real work to do. 

P.S.  It’s time to give Lotus Live to universities and colleges for free.