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Sametime A User’s Perspective – Aug 25 Consultant in Your Pocket Webcast

Want to test just how much you know about using Sametime or perhaps want to learn a new trick or two? Or perhaps you have users who might need to boost their knowledge about Sametime?  Join Tom Duff and me for our Consultant in Your Pocket webcast on Wednesday, August 25, 2010 at 11:00 AM – 12:15 PM EST – Sametime A User’s Perspective.

Some of the subjects we’re going to cover:

  • How to manage your Contact list
  • How to use the Rich Text features to make your chats more effective  
  • How to get started with Audio/Video
  • How to take Sametime on the road with Sametime Mobile
  • Learn that the Sametime Meeting Center isn’t just for meetings
  • Learn about the Sametime Gateway and Sametime Advanced
  • And finally a brief overview of what’s now available in 8.5.1 (from a user perspective).

We challenge you NOT to learn something new!

Domino Directory Independence: Nirvana or Anchovies?

There has been some interesting discussion over the past couple of days about Domino Directory Independence. Domino “directory independence” would allow information now stored in the Domino person documents to be stored in another directory such as third party LDAP or Active Directory.   I had quickly responded to the discussion with the recent presentations that Gabriella Davis and Tom Duff and myself had made at IAMLUG that were somewhat directory related – including a session that described how to use another directory for authentication without requiring the HTTP password in the Domino Directory, and the use of Tivoli Directory Integrator to update data in either the Domino Directory or an LDAP directory.

But I’ve been doing some further thinking about this.  Why would you want to store person data in Active Directory?  What exactly is in the Person document?  Have you looked under its hood?  Are there attributes available in Active Directory that would match one for one those that are currently used in the Person document?  Well the answer is no.  Having done a fair bit of TDI connectivity between Domino and LDAP, I’ve come to realize that you either have to task existing attributes for Domino that aren’t being used by Active Directory, or you need to add them.  Do you know how to add them?  Do you have an LDAP or Active Directory expert in your environment?  Is Active Directory stable?  What if you don’t want to depend on Active Directory?  What if you want to move to the cloud?

Okay, so what if all those attributes were available?  Then yes, using LDAP or Active Directory as your primary directory might make more sense.  As the linkages for desktop policies and mail routing and ACL’s, etc., etc., would be easier to recreate.   But again, stop and think about it a moment.   They don’t currently exist, so building them is a huge project.  Do we as customers really get the most out of something like Directory Independence versus being able to use Active Directory or LDAP for authentication for Domino, or being able to customize the Domino Directory easily and quickly, when precious IBM development resources can be used to fix existing problems or coming up with an entirely new solution?

IamLug 2010 – WOW!

IamLUG 2010 – what can I say? WOW!  Great conference, great content, great people!  

Here are the slides for my two sessions: One Directory to Rule Them All! Yes!  (Gabriella Davis & Marie Scott) You’ve heard buzzwords like single-sign on, single userid, or authentication management, but also heard that they were a nightmare to implement. Or perhaps you always wanted to use another directory – like Active Directory for your Sametime, Web, IMAP or Traveler password authentication but thought it required a 3rd party tool or something installed on the Domino server? In this session we’ll show you how to configure your Domino server to authenticate with either the HTTP Password or the LDAP directory password without a server reboot! We’ll extend that idea to demonstrate how with a little bit of magic and a sprinkling of Tivoli Directory Integrator you can get closer to that simple single userid or directory system you’ve always wanted.

Tivoli Directory Integrator (TDI) – The Best Free Tool You’ve Never Heard Of!

Tivoli Directory Integrator, or TDI for short, is a great (free!) tool you can use in your Domino environment. TDI moves and formats data from a large list of different data sources and targets using preconfigured connectors that come with the package. And don’t be mislead by the “Directory” part of the name! TDI can take data from nearly any data source (even directories) and integrate it into nearly any other data source (even directories). Oh, and did we mention it’s free if you’re licensed to use Domino.

P.S. And did I mention that TDI is free, free free?!