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iNotes Hotfix Magic….Finally?

If you’ve been managing Domino unix-based servers, you know what a cumbersome process it is to install iNotes hotfixes.  They’ve always been packaged as a group of separate files which must be uploaded individually, the ownership and properties of the files must each be changed manually, etc., etc.,  If you have a number of servers to manage this adds lots of extra steps to your maintenance process.

We just received a “normal” hotfix package which included fixes for some other server issues, but also received files for iNotes to allow 8.5.1 to provide support for Firefox 4 (also good news!). 

As we would normally install the hotfix package first, we proceded to do that.  And guess what!  The iNotes files were packaged in the automatic installer:






Note –, forms85.nsf,, dwa85res_en.dll are files that are usually upload manually when applying an iNotes hotfix.  We confirmed that all files had the correct owership and properties. They were even installed across multiple partitions!

We’re hoping this is the future of iNotes hotfixes for unix-based servers at least!  This is a huge time saver!!  Thanks IBM Support!


Chasing the Cloud: Part 1 – A new article in THE VIEW

Clouds are all around us!  My article:  “Chasing the Cloud Part 1:  What Domino Administrators and Managers Need to Know,” has just been published online in THE VIEW.   This site does require a subscription.  If you’re new to THE VIEW – this is one of the leading resources for technical content for all IBM/Lotus products.  So if you’re looking for info on the cloud or XPages – this is your source!