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And sometimes a picture is…updated! Thanks Sametime Support!

If you saw my previous post…you’re recall that the technote had only one word: Answer.  Thanks to Sametime Support it has been updated!

And sometmes…a picture is worth one word.

A few quick notes on Google+

If you haven’t at least looked at it you should.  Why? Because we need to change scenery occasionally.

Google+ is not Facebook, it’s not Twitter.  It’s perhaps a little in between.  But it’s also something that’s still evolving.  Techies are busy trying to predict what’s going to happen next.

But if you do take a look, here are a few suggestions to make your visit a little more enjoyable.

(1)    Use Chrome as your browser.  Why? Because there are Chrome extensions that are being developed daily to add functionality.  A couple that I’ve found:

(2)    Look around and read about how to manage your Circles before trying to do so yourself.  Here’s a good starting point.

(3)    Take a look at your security settings.  If you don’t want to share your Picasa pics with everyone on Chrome – you need to take a look at this setting.

Other than that, dive in, post comments, post feedback to Google.  Google+ is still a field trial. From comments being posted the engineers seem to be receptive to suggestions and they definitely want to hear about any crashes/issues you may experience.