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Emails received as HTML text – How to correct!

Several users (8.5.1 and 8.5.2) have reported receiving emails as HTML formatted text.  After reviewing Notes preferences and reinstalling the Notes client, IBM Support was contacted. Here are the findings:  
This problem may occur after Google Chrome has been uninstalled.   If the default browser is not chosen when uninstalling Chrome, Notes will not be able to find the OS default browser.

To resolve the issue, set Internet Explorer or Firefox as Window’s default browser.   In some cases these registry keys may need to be manually changed to point to the iexplore.exe (with the path information:


This issue has also been seen with Firefox 4 and 5.  If FireFox was set as the default browser and then back to IE, the keys are not updated so Notes will still use IE.

If you do change the registry settings, the user workstation may need to be restarted for them to take effect.  Be sure to take a registry backup prior to making any changes.